A lot has changed during this time and we understand the stress you are under. As we provide health care during the pandemic, our priority is keeping you safe. In response to the ongoing and evolving COVID-19 pandemic the Leukemia/Bone Marrow Transplant program has adopted several strategies to do this. 

We have organizational structures, plans and processes in place to monitor and address emerging issues; these are proactive and updated regularly. We are working with the Infection Prevention and Control Program at VGH, the BCCDC and the B.C. Ministry of Health. 

We are taking critical steps and working together to ensure all patients receive the care they need. This means that things are different – we understand that these changes are difficult but they are important to ensure the safety of all. 

We thank you for your understanding during this anxious time.

Please note the sections below for further information: 

Before admission to the inpatient unit, patients are required to be tested for COVID-19, and will only be admitted to the BMT inpatient unit with a negative COVID-19 result within 72 hours of admission. Please note: if you are tested in BMT Daycare or in your community within this time frame, you are expected to self-isolate until your admission. This means you cannot go to public places like the grocery store, nor can you interact with anyone outside of your immediate household bubble. For unplanned admissions, patients will be tested upon arrival to the facility, and will be temporarily admitted to the COVID Short Stay Unit until a negative result is received, at which time patients will be admitted to the BMT inpatient unit. If a BMT patient is COVID-19 positive, they will be cared for on the appropriate COVID-19 unit under the supervision of the BMT team.

All new admissions with negative COVID-19 results will be placed on Admission Isolation for the first 14 days on the BMT inpatient unit. This is being done with an abundance of caution and in an effort to keep our extremely vulnerable patient population as safe as possible. Admission Isolation means that you will need to stay in your room for 14 days, aside from when it is deemed that you require a medical test or procedure by your health care team. Walking around the unit is not permitted during the 14 day Admission Isolation period. Staff will wear personal protective equipment (gown, mask, etc) when entering your room during this period. You may or may not be in a private room during this time, depending on unit needs; you could be in a shared room with another patient who has been admitted for about the same number of days as you.

We know that having your loved one at your side during your treatment is very important and we want to help as best we can to keep family involved. At any time patients and families can use their own electronic devices to communicate via phone or video chat, etc. We also have tablets that can be used if you do not have an electronic device. Please ask your nurse if you wish to borrow a tablet. At any time during your stay, if you would like your family or loved one involved in a discussion you are having with a doctor or nurse or any other health care provider, please feel free to get your family on the phone so that they can hear what is being said and can ask questions in real time.

Please know that we take your safety very seriously and will let you know when it is safe to have visitors once again. The visitor policy for our units is different than other areas of the hospital that do not care for immunocompromised patients. We will follow advice from our experts from Infection Control and Public Health, as well as other BMT Centers across the globe to provide the best care for you. Please ask questions and reach out as needed.

Visitors to any L/BMT Inpatient unit

Exceptional circumstances do exist, however, visitors are still not permitted at this time on the L/BMT units. Although the rest of the hospital is starting to allow visitors, we cannot. Our patient population is very high risk due to their immunocompromised status. Please work with us to protect everyone. Please do not arrive on the unit without prior approval. Managers must be made aware of any requests for visits and the accompanying exceptional circumstances.

Food deliveries

Meal trays are delivered 3x per day on the inpatient unit and snacks can be requested. We have dieticians on our care team that can help address dietary concerns. LB6 Daycare has a limited amount of snacks, so please bring your own snacks in to your daycare appointment. Please be reminded that food deliveries from outside sources, family members or home cannot be accepted on the inpatient unit at this time.

Personal Items

You can receive personal items from home on the inpatient unit once every two weeks but only during working hours on Monday to Friday. This will need to be coordinated with an administrative assistant for the program, not with the RN staff on shift. Family members are to call 604-314-7770 and leave a message to request a drop-off/pick-up time. Example of acceptable items; clean clothes, phone chargers, dry non-perishable foods.